The Membership Sub-Committee assesses and provides advice and recommendations to the Board on applications for membership, progression from provisional to full membership, continued eligibility of current members, and applications for reinstatement of membership.

The term of office of a member is two years, following which s/he can be reappointed for one additional successive term.

The Membership Sub-committee reports to the AC Forum Board. All decisions around membership must be approved by the Board.

Membership Sub-Committee 2021-2023

Denis McEvoy - Secretary Genera AC Foruml


Denis McEvoy

Pablo Davó Cabra - Member AC Forum


Pablo Davó Cabra
(World Physiotherapy)


Anne-Laure Leuba

Julia Rautenstrauch - MemberAC Forum


Julia Rautenstrauch


Birgit Uebelhör

Carola van der Hoeff - President Elect - AC Forum

President (ex officio)

Carola van der Hoeff

Carola van der Hoeff - President Elect - AC Forum

President-Elect (ex officio)

Ben Hainsworth