Membership Benefits

General Assembly - AC Forum Associations

Participation in the General Assembly, the members’ meeting for policy and decision-making

AC Forum - Annual Meeting

Attendance at the Annual Meeting, a 2½-day conference for education and networking

Member Area - AC Forum

Access to the member area of the website for member-only content

Education Events - AC Forum

Participate in educational events, including workshops, webinars, campfires & collaborative learning experiences

Member Communication Platform - AC Forum

Access to the member communication platform – an unparalleled resource where members share information and expertise

Educational Event - AC Forum

Join in thought leadership and research projects, as well as educational events, with third party collaborators

The most highly valued benefit of membership is the honest and open exchange between members.

It is immeasurably beneficial for associations to learn from each other, and truly rare that they feel at ease sharing proprietary information, which makes it all the more remarkable that our member organisations are comfortable and secure in the confidential environment of AC Forum.

Criteria for Membership & Membership Categories

Membership is open to any organisation legally registered as a non-profit association according to the laws of the country in which it is constituted. The organisation must be a supranational association representing a particular profession or professional field. It may not be a trade organisation.



The organisation is a supranational association representing a particular profession or professional field; the organisation is not a trade organisation.

The organisation commits to fully participate in AC Forum activities in Europe through AC Forum’s educational offerings and General Assembly.

The organisation shall not contract an association or congress management company to manage its organisation; unless this company has been established by the non-profit organisation with the exclusive purpose to serve the aims and objectives of the non-profit organisation according to its article of association.

The organisation holds a conference on a regular basis, e.g. every 2 years with at least 2,000 registered participants.

The organisation has ownership of, and is the initiator of, the conference and the programme structure, decision-making and all management of the conference are under the executive responsibility of the association’s staff.


Provisional membership is open to organisations that do not meet all criteria for full membership at the time of application, but have clearly stated the intention to fulfil the criteria for full membership within the next 3 years.

Provisional membership is granted on an observer basis for a period of 1 year and is subject to renewal after such a period. Renewal is considered only in cases where sufficient interaction with AC Forum exists, thus making further collaboration useful.

Provisional members do not have voting rights and staff from the organisation are not eligible for positions in the Board.

Rights & Duties Of Members

Members are entitled to attend all meetings of AC Forum and to make use of its facilities.

Activities of AC Forum are open exclusively to salaried and contracted staff working directly for the association who are able to speak on its behalf. All staff of a member organisation may participate in AC Forum activities.

Full member organisations in good standing may:

  • Participate in all activities of AC Forum
  • Present proposals for discussion at General Assemblies;
  • Have voting rights via a designated voting delegate who is a staff member;
  • Have a member of staff stand for election to the Board (only one Board position may be occupied by an individual from a member organisation that is not headquartered in Europe).

Members shall further the interests of AC Forum to the best of their abilities and shall refrain from any action which could damage the reputation and the aims and objectives of AC Forum.
Members shall comply with the articles of the By-laws of AC Forum and respect the resolutions of its General Assembly. All members shall pay an annual membership fee determined by the General Assembly.

Members must respect that all discussions within AC Forum are confidential and should not be shared outside of the AC Forum members’ circle.

Membership Fee

The annual AC Forum membership fee is €1,500

Application For Membership

Organisations applying for full or provisional membership must provide AC Forum with:

Applications are reviewed and assessed by the Membership Sub-committee (MSC). Upon invitation, applicant associations present their organisation to the MSC and respond to questions.

Once the Board has reviewed the applications and the MSC’s recommendations, applicant associations may be invited to be present during the next General Assembly.

Decisions on membership are made by the General Assembly on recommendation by the Board.

Interested in joining us? Contact us at for more information.

The closing date for applications is in September each year. Successful candidates will join AC Forum after the General Assembly the following January.