AC Forum is the only association established exclusively for and by self-managed associations.

AC Forum Group - Ireland

Who We Are

Through peer to peer sharing of good practice and expanding thinking, in a confidential environment, free of commercial influences, members are engaged to exchange knowledge to advance association leadership and conference management.

The beginnings of AC Forum date back to 1999. Three prominent medical associations decided to meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas and experiences, and establish common targets. Since then, AC Forum has grown into an established not-for-profit association that inspires and encourages its members to achieve excellence.

Members are associations aiming for excellence in association management. Membership is open to any self-managed organisation legally registered as a non-profit association according to the laws of the country in which it is constituted. To ensure a fruitful and open exchange of information, membership is subject to various organisational criteria.

Our Goals

We aim to be the global leader for associations driving innovation and excellence in leadership for impact.

We provide our members with a variety of opportunities to network and exchange experiences in environments that are confidential, trusting and free from commercial influence. All activities are led by members.

We utilise the expertise from among our members and from external experts to deliver quality, cost-effective, needs-led educational offerings that support association leadership, management and innovation.

Our Purposes Are:

  • To serve as a platform for communication and networking amongst association executives in relation to association management and related activities;

  • To enable the exchange of information between members in order to improve the standards of association management and related activities;

  • To contribute and work towards better organised associations;

  • To increase the level of professionalism, in-house knowledge and expertise available within associations and association executives in association management.

Our Values


  • We build trusting relationships
  • We create safe spaces for honest discussions
  • We are respectful and reflective


  • We embrace the diversity of our members
  • We intentionally act with equity, diversity and inclusion in all that we do
  • We support each other


  • We are open to the benefits of working with others
  • We seek collaborative advantage
  • We recognise impact builds from connections


  • We are a connected engaged community where every member is valued
  • We facilitate connections
  • We recognise and support the needs of different segments


  • We are transparent and responsible for our actions
  • We encourage and respond to feedback
  • We model good governance

What We Do

  • We provide a safe space for self-managed associations to share knowledge, challenges, successes, and failures.

  • We facilitate networking and connection building between members.

  • We deliver valuable, meaningful education for our members.
  • We develop resources to advance excellence in association leadership.

  • We demonstrate thought leadership and influence for impact with external stakeholders and partners.
  • We collaborate with third parties on activities, projects and issues of mutual interest and benefit to our members.

Is your organisation interested in joining AC Forum?