Education is a cornerstone of AC Forum and is at the core of what we do. In addition to the Annual Meeting, a 2.5-day conference for members, workshops, webinars and campfire meetings provide education on specific topics for association staff and allow member associations to connect with each other.

We are dedicated to delivering valuable, meaningful education and strive to continually improve our educational offerings and knowledge curation for our members. Educational events are often member-led, and offer an unrivalled opportunity for peer exchange and expert education on focused topics.

Annual Meeting

The educational programme of the Annual Meeting is tailored to our members’ needs. Much of the programme is built from case studies submitted by members and rounded out by keynote lectures, masterclasses and expert-led sessions.

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Face-to-face workshops are targeted, small-scale meetings over 1.5 days, providing a deep dive on specific topics for association staff dealing with those areas. They also allow member associations to connect with each other.

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AC Forum runs regular webinars on topics of high relevance to members. Their virtual nature facilitates participations by more staff, since there is no need to travel, and as most of the webinars are recorded they are available to all AC Forum member staff.

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In response to topics or discussions trending among our members, AC Forum arranges Campfire meetings. Campfires are intended as meet-ups for members for discussions on particular topics and are member-driven, informal forums for peer exchange.

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Online Forum

We have an active online member community. Our community discussion platform for members is a lively forum, where member questions related to association management and congress organisation are discussed and peer knowledge is exchanged.