Hosting the Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting and General Assembly are held in January each year.

Hosting Annual Meeting - AC Forum

In January each year, AC Forum holds its General Assembly (governance meeting) and its Annual Meeting, a 2½-day conference which focuses on developments in association management and congress organisation. Contemporary topics and debates are supplemented with case studies to share experiences and innovations. External experts may be invited to contribute on specialist topics. A showcase for a carefully curated selection of exhibitors is an integral part of the event.

The Annual Meeting is hosted by a different European city each year. The preferred host city for an Annual Meeting is selected from the bids received by the AC Forum Board during the autumn and presented for approval to the General Assembly of the year prior.

Benefits of Hosting

Hosting the AC Forum Annual Meeting provides a unique opportunity for a destination to showcase the city to association events decision-makers. It demonstrates the depth of commitment by the city to associations and their meetings, the importance the city places on association events and the value events represent to the city for tourism and the economy.

The selection of a destination is a mark of AC Forum’s endorsement of the city. Hosting the event is an indicator of how your brand is trusted and valued. When a strong partner like AC Forum trusts your city for such an important event, it carries great weight with both its members and to the wider events industry.

A host city has an unparalleled opportunity to acquaint the many member associations with the city and to share innovations and new developments. Participants get an insider’s understanding of the city and its event infrastructure. They have the chance to have the lived experience of an event in the city – the best promotional tool there is. Put simply, cities that present themselves well for a well-organised and engaging Annual Meeting are very likely to get future meeting bookings as a result of hosting the event.

Hosting the AC Forum Annual Meeting is a big commitment but also an excellent opportunity. The host city can maximise the occasion to capture the interest and imagination of decision-makers in leading associations. The exposure presents real value for money – the impact from hosting the AC Forum Annual Meeting outweighs other promotional activities that have significantly less direct effect. Create a buzz around your city and build tangible connections!

The next open year is 2025 and applications are now invited from prospective host cities for 2025 and 2026 – see below for more information.

We are looking for our host city for 2025 and 2026!

An application letter accompanied by a detailed proposal outlining the prospective host city’s offer, and covering the essential elements outlined in the RFP, must be submitted by the Convention Bureau, or similar institution of the potential host city before the deadline (1 October 2023).

Due to the interest in hosting the 2025 Annual Meeting, the Board has decided that they may make a recommendation to the General Assembly for the destination for the 2026 meeting at the same time. As the requirements will be similar, one bid would suffice for both years, if the city is interested in this option.

We are aware that preparing a bid takes financial and human resources and this would save a city from having to repeat the exercise the following year if they wished to bid again. The 2026 Annual Meeting will be on 22-24 January.

Please see the RFP for the Annual Meeting 2025 for reference.

We would love to chat with you! Interested destinations are encouraged to get in contact with AC Forum to discuss the event, our requirements and the benefits of hosting. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and we do encourage prospective hosts to stay connected with us as they prepare their bids.

Annual Meeting RFP

Please contact us at with any queries.

Upcoming Annual Meetings

Annual Meeting 2024

The AC Forum Annual Meeting and General Assembly 2024 will take place in Hamburg, Germany, 11-13 January.

Hamburg Convention Bureau says “We are thrilled to announce that the AC Forum Annual Meeting & General Assembly will take place in Hamburg. A great honour for the city!”