We run regular webinars on topics of high relevance to members. Their virtual nature facilitates participations by more staff, since there is no need to travel, and as most of the webinars are recorded they are available to all AC Forum member staff.

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Webinars 2022

Part 1: Leadership and collaboration

  1. Associations don’t need to sell their soul to stay sustainable, but…
  2. Three isn’t always a crowd – balancing partnerships for a better outcome
  3. Roundtable: An agile approach to digital work habits
Part 2: Event planning and engagement

  1. Virtual fatigue or smart consumption? Future engagement models
  2. Roundtable: Accessible (online) events
  3. ‘Back to the future’ – Decisions, skill-sets and RFPs
Part 3: Community engagement

  1. Today’s enthusiasts, tomorrow’s leaders
  2. Association impact beyond members

Past Webinars


Digital Excellence:
#W1: Digital transformation from the inside out
#W2: ‘Virtual’ relationships: Suppliers, sponsors, compliance
Leadership and Governance:
#W3: Courage and tenacity in association governance
#W4: Successful association reinvention journeys
Membership Care:
#W5: Tips, tricks and platforms for member networking & exchange
#W6: Equipping members with the tools for success
Meet the Expert Webinar: Insurance
ICCA-AC Forum Webinar ‘Audience of the future – what does data show and how do we respond?’ AC Forum & Leading Centres of Europe Joint Event: Back to live – as we know it?
‘The road of collaboration towards the future of association meetings’
IPCAA & AC Forum Webinar: Moving together into a hybrid future


AC Forum & Leading Centres of Europe Webinar: The future of hybrid meetings Business planning for 2021 – how’s it looking?
Congress management Bidding and destination management
Exhibition & sponsorship for virtual events Virtual meetings driving new business models
Measuring the success of a virtual meeting from a programme perspective Post COVID-19: how to plan for 2021
Governance in a virtual world – constitutions, virtual general assemblies and e-voting Cancelling and postponing events – contract, insurance and finance headaches
Open conversation: The impact of COVID-19 – advocacy and support options for AC Forum Converting from face-to-face to fully virtual events