Case study submission is open!

As the educational programme for the next Annual Meeting is being built, we invite all members to submit case studies to be considered to form part of the programme.

Our member organisations have a wide range of activities and projects and the programme will reflect this breadth of activity. The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for the AC Forum community to connect, collaborate, and engage in peer-to-peer exchange. Our organisations are influenced by both internal and external factors. The Annual Meeting can explore shifting trends and their impact on stakeholders, examine the application of innovative solutions to the many challenges facing associations, put forward ways to adapt to the changes that are impacting us, and spark new ideas.

We invite you to share your challenges and opportunities, successes and less successful outcomes. Tell us about new and innovative approaches within your organisation, how you manage to get your stakeholders onboard and how this influences the strategy – we can all learn from each other’s triumphs and from our failures.

This is your meeting, and you can be part of shaping the programme!

Submit a case study here.

Deadline: 12 September 2024, 17.00 UTC+1

If you have suggestions for topics for sessions but cannot submit a case study, then feel free to contact us at