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Each year, a number of AC Forum workshops are organised by AC Forum members. Workshops are targeted, small-scale meetings on a specific topic aimed at in depth discussion.  


  • IMEX Association Focus: Workshop on congress management
    Organised by: WCPT & FIP
    Date: 11 May 2020
    Location: IMEX Frankfurt (Germany)
  • IMEX Association Focus: "Association Leadership Focus session" with Tracy Bury contributing as a speaker
    Date: 11 May 2020
    Location: IMEX Frankfurt (Germany)

Update 12 March 2020: Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, IMEX-Frankfurt and all related events are cancelled.

  • Collaborative Learning Experience (CLE) with the Leading Centres of Europe: Persuasion in negotiation
    Date: 29 & 30 June 2020
    Location: Milan (Italy)

  • Workshop on strategically developing , delivering and evaluating your scientific programmes
    Organised by: IAS, ERS, ECNP, UEG, ESA
    Date: 5 & 6 November 2020
    Location: UEG office Vienna (Austria)
  • Workshop on strategically developing , delivering and evaluating your scientific programmes
    Organised by: CIRSE & ESOT
    Date: 3 & 4 December 2020
    Location: Vienna (Austria)




  • Collaborative Learning Experience with The Leading Centres of Europe
    Organised by: The Leading Centres and AC Forum
    Date: 1-2 July 2019
    Location: Glasgow
  • Collaborative Learning Experience Switzerland & General congress management
    Organised by: Switzerland Convention and Incentive Bureau (SCIB) and AC Forum
    Date: 16-18 October 2019
    Location: Geneva, Lucerne, Basel (Switzerland)
    This workshop was cancelled.
  • Managing your staff and volunteers
    Organised by: ESC, ISN and IBE
    Date: TBC
    Location: ESC Heart House in Sophia Antipolis (France)
    This workshop is postponed.


  • International VAT
    Organised by: EAGE, EAO, EBMT and ERS

  • Healthcare Organisations (HCOs), tomorrow’s educators: an interactive exchange workshop
    Organised by: EFORT, ERS, ESC and UEG
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
    Organised by: EFORT


  • Leveraging Social Media and Digital Content for Associations
    Organised by: ISN & ECCO
  • Compliance
    Organised by: EASL & EADV
  • Membership Experience and Strategic Planning
    Organised by: IAS


  • Scientific & Educational Content in the Digital World
    Organised by: ESC, ECCO & EASL
  • Marketing & Corporate Relations
    Organised by: ESOT & EASL
  • Fundraising
    Organised by: ECCO


  • Congress Management
    Organised by: ECNP & FIP
  • Scientific & Educational Programmes at Live Educational Events
    Organised by: WCPT & ESC


  • Registration
    Organised by: ECCO
  • Industry & Sponsorship
    Organised by: CIRSE
  • How to maximise your fundraising
    Organised by: ECCO
  • Ethical Compliance
    Organised by: CIRSE


  • Risk Management
    Organised by: WCPT
  • eLearning: Improving quality and integrating eLearning in educational offering
    Organised by: ESC
  • All things "Abstract"
    Organised by: WCPT
  • New VAT regulations in EU
    Organised by: ESC


  • Education and Certification
    Organised by: ESC
  • Ethical Compliance
    Organised by: CIRSE
  • IT Solutions & Enhancements for Onsite Congress Operations
    Organised by: ESC
  • Social Media
    Organised by: ESR & ECNP
  • Social Responsibility
    Organised by: IAS


  • Bidding & Destination Management
    Organised by: ECCO
  • Congress Programme
    Organised by: ESC
  • Branding & Communication & Marketing of Associations
    Organised by: ESA
  • Member Service Excellence
    Organised by: IAS
  • Event Cancellation Insurance and Risk Management
    Organised by: IDF


  • Challenges towards a successful Scientific Programme
    Organised by: ECCO
  • Conference Evaluation
    Organised by: IAS
  • New VAT Regulations in EU
    Organised by: ESC
  • Social Responsibility
    Organised by: IAS
  • Registration
    Organised by: ESC
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